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Re: A couple of problems - kpackage/woody

> 1.
> For a while now (about a month) Kpackage has stopped working. Any
> attempt to Uninstall or Purge a package merely shows a requestor with
> "Kprocess failure". I see nothing in .xsesion-errors to give me any
> clues as to why it fails, except the usual unable to open a nonexistent
> library, but nearly every app causes that error. I keep upgrading my
> local Debian KDE as I see new packages uploaded to Debian, but as yet
> Kpackage remains broken.

Have you submitted a bug on this?

> Also, Kpackage seems to have a real problem reading
> /var/lib/dpkg/available, it mangles up the file while importing and the
> package list becomes unusable within Kpackage. I thought
> /var/lib/dpkg/available would be usable.

I don't use kpackage so I have no clue...in the past when testing it worked
fine for me against avail..but again, I don't use it so I haven't read
up or asked q's to find out what's right and what's not.

> 2.
> Of less importance, in the Look and Feel - System Notifications - The
> KDE Window Manager, it appears I can configure sounds for things like
> window resizing, minimize, maximize etc etc (and they work), but when I
> add a sound to "Virtual Desktop One is Selected" (or desktop 2, 3 or 4
> etc) the sound never plays when changing desktops. However it does work
> when "tested" within the Look and Feel configuration window.

this has been discussed...not sure if anyone has submitted a bug on this.


Ivan E. Moore II
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