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Re: kde2 + xfree4.0.1 + nvidia's drivers

On Mittwoch, 29. November 2000 14:09, forum::für::umläute wrote:
> Ok, but whose fault is this ?
> of course, QT should not be designed to be linked to libmesa, but to any
> openGL library.
> But since mesa used to be the only openGL around, this did make sense.
> then nvidia claims that they do something like an official and
> authorized openGL (which of course might be simply not true), so this
> package should (*grin*) be reliable. What does mesaGL claim to be ?
> Maybe the developpers could accept on a standard (but of course this
> does not belong here).
> > The simplest solution is not to use kdm for now. There are xdm and gdm as
> > alternatives.
> Yes, but I like the kde
> > Alternatively there is the possibility to recompile qt, kdesupport,
> > kdelibs and kdebase yourself without OpenGL support.
> > (I'm not sure if compiling qt without OpenGL support is sufficient)
> i don't know exactly but : since i definitely NEED openGL support on my
> machine (no, i'm not just gaming !), i don't think that this is a very
> good idea.

There is already a howto for all this, but it is somewhat a horror to get
OpenGL work under Linux with XFree4 and Nvidia drivers.

The mini-HowTo can be found at:

Looks somehow like the chambers of shaolin for packagers.
WfG, Chris

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