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Re: Can't view web pages with Konquorer

Hello Tim,

> Here is the error.
> ************
> Could not create view for text/html
> Check your installation
> ************

Oh yes, I know this ($/"&$%-Error. I dont know what to say exactly, I just
HATE it!

After having hardly any hair left on my head, I somehow managed to fix it,
but you won't like my "method".

The only thing I could do was erase ANYTHING involved with kde  - means
uninstalling and then issuing some command like
rm -f `find -name "*kde*"`

...to be absolutely sure there is nothing left. (dont really do
exactly that!)

After reinstalling, everything works fine again. Believe me, I have tried
*anything* else!

If there is any other way, please post it.

> -Tim.
> P.S. I like Konquorer, cause its small.

Yes, it is indeed very good. I was surprised after installing kde2.


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