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Re: html online help

El Vie 24 Nov 2000 22:28, Andreas Schuldei escribió:

>Furthermore it complains on the stdout:
>invoking HTML help is deprecated! use docbook and invokeHelp!
>when I click on Help. Is this a kde thing or just upstream?
>Do you write manpages for these gui apps? Kvoctrain does not have one yet.

The documentation for KDE applications is written in docbook format. I guess 
that the documentation for kvoctrain should be written by the developper 
himself or anybody who volunteers for that. In order to generate the HTML 
files the person who writes the documentation in docbook has to run 
"kdb2html". "kdb2html" is an application which comes with kdebase and which 
needs jade and some sgml packages

Pablo de Vicente  (vicente@oan.es),  http://www.oan.es,  OAN Spain

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