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postinst bug in kdelibs and/or kdebase


  I've had a problem for a few days : two days ago it was the postrm script 
of kdebase, yesterday and today it is the postinst script of kdelibs. Here is 
the message (translated from french, so it is not exact) :

Setting up kdelibs3 (2.0-final-0.potato.10) ...
Installing new version of configuration file /etc/kde2/charsets ...
dpkg: error processing kdelibs3 (--configure):
 the subprocess post-install script returned an output error 1

  If I move kdelibs3.postinst from /var/lib/dpkg/info, the installation can 
be finished with no further problem. Then if I launch kdelibs3.postinst by 
hand ("./kdelibs3.postinst configure"), it works without problem...
  Any idea ?

Thibaut Cousin
email : cousin@in2p3.fr
web   : http://clrwww.in2p3.fr
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