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Re: kppp depending on ppp

> Allowing kppp to be installed without ppp seems wrong to me.
> However, if kppp comes with task-kdenetworking, and we have no choice
> there, that might be bad, too.  Would it be possible to make
> task-kdenetworking suggest kppp and not bring it along on its' own?

I could, but that brings me back to the reason I have the task packages
in the first place.  I really do not want to modify existing packages unless
there is a security reason... The goal of these tasks are to provide what 
upstream provides as a whole.  

If we want more customizable tasks then that should/could be done seperatly...

tasks are ugly as it is...  apt doesn't recognize recommends/suggests, 
dselect doesn't handle recommends properly,  plus the bloat of it all.

What makes a task-kdenetwork package for example? some would say they don't
what knode, or kit, or kppp, or ksirc, or a combination of them.  

we could have potentiall several task-kde-* packages...the question really
is what do we put in them?  How many of them do we have, how pissed off 
are the developers, mirror admins, etc... going to get because of the bloat.

as it is, task-kdenetwork is not even a DEPEND. nor is task-kdemultimedia or task-kdeadmin...all 3 are recommends (in task-kde).


Ivan E. Moore II
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