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Re: kppp depending on ppp

>>>>> On Tue, 21 Nov 2000 14:43:17 +0100, Wolfgang Walter
>>>>> <wolfgang.walter@stusta.mhn.de> said:

Wolfgang> kppp depends on ppp. As task-kdenetworking depends on kppp
Wolfgang> it is impossible to select task-kdenetworking without
Wolfgang> installing ppp.

Wolfgang> Maybe it would be enough that kppp only suggests ppp (or
Wolfgang> task-kdenetworking suggesting kppp)?

Allowing kppp to be installed without ppp seems wrong to me.

However, if kppp comes with task-kdenetworking, and we have no choice
there, that might be bad, too.  Would it be possible to make
task-kdenetworking suggest kppp and not bring it along on its' own?


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