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Re: Segfault of kdm

> > The kdm package version is 2.0-final-5. The crash happened with release 4, 
> > too. 
> > Btw: xdm runs fine.
> The difference is that kdm has OpenGL support.

well...kdm uses libqt which has OpenGL support... in this case the
actual confliction is between libqt and the nvidia drivers...

> > Before my conversion from SuSE to Debian I experienced the same behaviour
> > in the SuSE kde2-rc3 packages, but it was gone in the final.
> > I don't know if it matters, my CPU is a K6-2 and my graphics card has a TNT 
> > chip on it.
> >  
> Mine too.  I think this is the problem.  Are you using the Nvidia driver
> from XFree86 4.01 (nv) or Nvidias' own driver (nvdriver) and their own GL
> support?

or a problem with X4's xlibmesa-dev package...

Ivan E. Moore II
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