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Re: testing version of KDE2?

> Ivan, how will testing work (if at all) for your KDE2 packages?  Supposing
> the above time frame is two weeks does this mean that your two-week old
> woody builds would start automatically migrating into testing (assuming no
> serious bug reports)?  Or will you rarely have a two-week old woody builds
> and therefore no testing version because of your current high rate of
> building?

I have no clue.  I haven't been keeping up with release stuff...

I do know that changes are slowing down and the major issues are gone 
(just fixed khelpcenter and kmidi as of yesterday)...

qt 2.2.2 just came out, I've got the i18n patches applied to it so I
figure not much else is going to happen with it either...

but heck if I know.. :)


Ivan E. Moore II
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