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Re: micro-HOWTO on loading sound fonts with SB Live!

I am using alsa-source-0.5.9c-1 and kernel-source-2.2.17 (which I obtained
from woody), I configure kernel sound to be modular, but no other sound
specifics, and I used (for the SB Live!) 
setenv MODULE_LOC ../modules/
setenv ALSA_NOPNP y
setenv ALSA_CARDS emu10k1
and the make-kpkg command to build the kernel image and
modules.  (I assume you are doing something similar, but I am repeating for
the benefit of the list.)  For my alsa build I checked that
--with-sequencer=yes was configured in by default.  For more modern alsa
systems you may now have to set another environment variable to trigger this
*required option* for midi via make-kpkg.

>From what you say below, you are actually using a newer version of
alsa-source than I am, but I don't think that should be any problem.  I
installed the deb results generated by the above steps, *and then ran
alsaconf*.  I use the alsaconf-0.4.3b-2 package (again from woody because
potato sound is hopelessy out of date).  alsaconf automatically sets up
/etc/modules.conf by automatically putting the right commands into
/etc/modutils/alsa and then running update-modules.  If you have some other
hand-edited alsa stuff in /etc/modutils (or worse in /etc/modules.conf
itself) you should remove it.  alsconf also runs (IIRC) the appropriate
depmod and modprobe commands so all the modules stuff just works
including the sequencer and loading sound fonts.

Hope this is enough to get you going again with Alsa and loading sound fonts
because I will be out of touch for a while after today.


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On Thu, 16 Nov 2000, Ivan E. Moore II wrote:

> > (1) Use ALSA SB live driver!  I don't have the reference any more, but I saw a
> > table a few months back comparing the different SB live drivers, and the
> > ALSA one was the only one that allowed sound font loading at that time. This
> > may have changed since for the non-ALSA drivers, but I haven't investigated
> > because ALSA does the job.
> I'm using the CVS version that http://members.tripod.de/iwai/awedrv.html
> points to which works..but /dev/sequencer fails and thus sfxload fails.
> Should I be using a different one?
> Ivan
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