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Re: wait..let's go back a few steps...

On Thu, 16 Nov 2000, Ivan E. Moore II wrote:

> > If you are having any sort of trouble with help, then I suspect it is a
> > Debian packaging problem of some kind since my traditional builds don't have
> > help problems.  I suppose it could be a configuration issue as well.  I
> > am still pretty new to KDE2 so I am mostly just taking defaults and doing
> > nothing special, but perhaps you are doing some special configuration the
> > help system does not like?  To approximate my configuration simply run
> > KDE2 on a user account that has never run it before (or wipe out .kde if
> > you don't mind destroying your current configuration).
> > 
> > If there are any other help tests you want me to run on my system(s), let me know.
> well I am certain it is in the way I am building or with one of the i18n patches
> as those are the only differences between upstream and my .debs.  
> I don't think it's the i18n patches but who knows...if your pulling from CVS
> then you would not see those patches.

You are right, my current builds don't use those patches so that remains a
question mark.

> My question is how are you building them.  Are you using any of the Debian
> stuff or are you doing it the old fashion way? (I believe you said old fashion
> but I want to clarify as I'm spacy right now)

Old-fashioned way using cvsup to get the local cvs trees synched with the cvs
repository using the appropriate KDE_2_0_BRANCH (except for qt-copy where I
just take the default HEAD).

To be abolutely specific here are my build scripts.
# build qt-copy and build and install kdesupport and kdelibs.

setenv QTDIR `pwd`/qt-copy
setenv KDEDIR /usr/local/kde2

cd qt-copy
ln -s ../kde-common/admin
echo "yes" | make -f Makefile.cvs >& make_cvs.out
echo "yes" | ./configure -sm -gif -system-jpeg -no-opengl >& configure.out
make >& make.out
cd ..

./buildpackage.csh kdesupport "--disable-debug"
./buildpackage.csh kdelibs "--disable-debug"


# build and install all packages other than the library packages
# that were built and/or installed by buildlibs.csh

./buildpackage.csh kdebase "--disable-debug"
./buildpackage.csh kdegames "--disable-debug"
./buildpackage.csh kdegraphics "--disable-debug"
./buildpackage.csh kdemultimedia "--disable-debug"
./buildpackage.csh kdetoys "--disable-debug"
./buildpackage.csh kdeutils "--disable-debug"
./buildpackage.csh koffice "--disable-debug"

For a build I execute
./buildlibs.csh; ./buildallpackages.csh &

Both these scripts call
#! /usr/bin/tcsh
#build one of the kde2 packages specified by its directory name on the
#command line.  e.g.,
#./buildpackage kdetoys  "--disable-debug"
#n.b. second parameter is zero or more configuration options within quotes

setenv QTDIR `pwd`/qt-copy
setenv KDEDIR /usr/local/kde2

cd $1
ln -s ../kde-common/admin
make -f Makefile.cvs >& make_cvs.out
./configure $2 >& configure.out
make >& make.out
make install >& make_install.out
cd ..

> I found the problem with kmidi was due to ./configure not getting 
> --enable-debug passed to it.  For whatever reason it wants that...so I'm
> wondering if there are similar problems...

That's interesting.  As you see from above I do pass disable-debug to
kdemultimedia (and therefore kmidi) so that is probably why it is still
crashing for me.  I will try enable-debug on the next build.

By the way, Ivan, sorry I misinterpreted your configuration question you sent
me privately earlier today, but I think this answers that question.


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