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Re: Live CD as a focal point for reviving Jr development

On Mon, 2005-10-03 at 12:58 -0300, Ben Armstrong wrote:
> On Mon, 2005-10-03 at 09:14 -0500, Sam Hart wrote:
> > Actually... Tux4Kids a while ago was working with OSEF to make something
> > called "Tux Junior" which was to be a Live CD based upon Debian Jr. We
> > had something that worked very nicely that was based on an older Knoppix
> > or Morphix release (I forget which).

It was Knoppix 3.3 based.  I did the remaster myself.  We also had 5000
of the CDs pressed and gave them to teachers etc.
> > One thing we had in the works was a custom theme for IceWM, which was
> > going to be the window manager we were going to use for the CD (it's
> > lightweight, can be flashy, and yet does limit quite a bit of the
> > confusing dialogs that other larger WMs/DEs have).

One of the other goals for V3 of the CD was to have the face browser
login screen, and have a "pre/kinder" "1st/2nd/3rd grade" "4th/5th
grade" "middle school" "high school" "parent/teacher" and "everything"

One the biggest complaints we got is that the CD had too much stuff, and
trying to navigate programs you don't know is not easy, etc.  By
breaking it up into a custom menu/login for each we could minimize the

> > Tux4Kids has been a "sleeping" project for a while as I have been
> > extremely busy, but I am starting things back up again.
> That's great news.  If we can turn Tux Junior into something that tracks
> current Debian development, that will suit our needs nicely.
> Perhaps we could meet & revive that OSEF project?  I don't even know if
> the osef-board mailing list is alive anymore.

Don't know either...  OSEF has been sleeping as well.


> Ben
Harry McGregor <hmcgregor@osef.org>
Open Source Education Foundation

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