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Re: Debian for education and PingOO

John Gay wrote:
> Fabian wrote:-
> >IMHO, there are a few important points in such a project :
> >- light administration ==> we wan't to remove computing task to teachers
> >to let them do what they know : teaching ; so we have to explore
> >diskless solutions and other things like this
> I'm currently doing some work with remote X-Terminals. I've got one working on a
> 486 with 8M RAM and using about 120M of hard-drive. 
> [...]

Do you look at 

I don't test it, but it looks good...

> >- education programs ==> packaging of free educationnal softwares (this
> >rejoins OFSET work)
> With Debian-JR's work, and others, it could be as easy as just installing
> task-debian-junior, task-debian-edu, task-debian-admin.
> Debian-JR provides a good list of software of interest for the young and young
> at heart. Debian-EDU can concentrate on more education-oriented software and
> Debian-Admin could provide a good, organised admin package to simplify sys-admin
> tasks for people without decades of computer experience. I'm sure there are
> other areas that can be used as well. I think the best idea is with the new
> task-based installs, several groups can set-up different tasks, and the end-user
> can pick and choose the tasks needed for their application.

I agree.
> >- Internationalization of Debian ==> for the moment, I don't think it is
> >as ready for other countries than a Mandrake distribution for example
> >(package description is in english,...)
> I know some of the people who were involved in the Irish language work for
> Mandrake. This involved primarily the install scripts. I also believe the Debian
> provides the widest internationalisation support, but I could be wrong. Even so,
> it should be simple to install the mandrake internationalisation files into
> Debian, once the filesystem differences are taken into account. This would just
> take people to work on it.

Yes, it's important...
> In conclusion, I would just like to say I'm very happy to see your commitment to
> Linux in Education. I would be glad to help in any way I can, even though my
> skills are limited. If we all do our little part, a lot can get done!

Surely !


Fabien SALVI      Centre de Ressources Informatiques
                  Archamps, France -- http://www.cri74.org
                  PingOO GNU/linux distribution : http://www.pingoo.org

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