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Linux/Windows Systems Administrator (Semmle, Oxford, UK)


I'm hiring into my team at Semmle, a company specialising in software
engineering analytics in central Oxford, UK.

Here's the brief blurb, with more detail and how to apply at
https://semmle.com/careers/systems-administrator-windows-linux/ :

Are you a Linux or Windows expert administrator/devops engineer who
relishes the idea of working at all levels to provide high quality,
responsive and secure IT services to highly technical staff? Do you have
an obsessive desire to implement and improve systems and services (both
server and client side) using configuration management and automation
tools? Can you adapt to managing and in-depth troubleshooting networks,
cloud services, access management systems, CI systems and more?

As a systems administrator at Semmle, you will work on a wide range of
systems administration and devops tasks within Semmle’s IT team based in
central Oxford. You will participate in (or for the senior role, play a
leading role in) the planning, design, development, operations and
support of reliable and efficient services to internal and external
customers – investigating specialist technologies when required. Where
necessary, you’ll be able to work independently, in addition to
contributing to a collaborative team-based approach to IT delivery. You
will participate in a support desk role providing support to Semmle
staff at all levels, using collaborative tools such as ticketing
systems, wikis and Slack, and participate in occasional out-of-hours
maintenance work. You’ll work on services hosted on Debian GNU/Linux, as
well as Windows and OSX.

Look forward to hearing from you!

Note: we are also looking for software engineers and more! See
https://semmle.com/careers/ .


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