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Space satellite kernel programming consultant in San Diego / Poway California

A contact that I've actually not worked for before is asking for someone to port a VxWorks board support package to Linux.

Work in Poway, CA (San Diego) porting VxWorks BSP to Linux as a consultant.

Know about gzip compression at source code API level to write code in our custom bootloader to compress Linux kernel. (interfacing with Linux kernel image is also implied)

Understand about Linux build environment to generate device tree and kernel in 1 image (if existing Linux does not support it, must be able to write code in the build environment to do the work)

Know the Linux memory management SOURCE CODE well enough to debug issues (and possibly modify it) in POWERPC


Know Linux interrupt controller APIs combined with device tree to support our cascade interrupt controllers.

Know Ethernet driver (via PCI bus) well enough to integrate and debug issues.  Specifically, enable the Intel PRO 1000 PCI based card driver written by Xenomai community and debug issues from it.

Please contact him directly: Robert Hillman: hillman at ddc-web dot com

Bruce Perens K6BP - CEO, Legal Engineering
Standards committee chair, license review committee member, co-founder, Open Source Initiative
President, Open Research Institute; Board Member, Fashion Freedom Initiative.

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