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[JOB] distro / tools engineer (and others) at Endless

Hi all,

Endless is building a Debian & GNOME derived OS targeted at users in the developing world, tackling barriers like cost & connectivity to bring useful and valuable computing to billions of people.

We're looking for a "tools engineer" based in our San Fransisco office to help grow the Core/OS team to stay closer to upstream, handle more target systems and different requirements for the applications we're building on top of the base distro.

This would be things like OStree, OBS (Open Build Server), merge-o-matic, Jenkins and various tools around them which Endless uses to handle importing, building, maintaining, customising and deploying the Debian-based system which makes up Endless OS.

This job is detailed here:

We have a number of other vacancies (some available for remote applicants) in different teams such as kernel / HW enablement, app / SDK development and cloud / distributed system architect, which you can access at:

Feel free to contact me with any queries if you have any prior to applying.

Finally - thanks to everyone for your great work on Debian. Endless couldn't do what it does without the free software projects it relies on.



Robert McQueen  |  Endless <http://endlessm.com/>

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