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Debian System Adminstrator for Cable MSO/ISP in Berlin/Germany

Tele Columbus, the #3 Cable Operator in Germany, is looking for a
talented Debian Linux System Administrator to help managing our modern
infrastructure for a growing service-provider business. Position is
full-time, permanent and based in Berlin/Germany.

Key facts and technologies:
- HA and load-balancing over two data centers in Berlin
- Debian Linux (what else) with FAI
- HP blade centers
- Cisco networking and Network Registrar
- OpenVZ virtualization
- exim, dovecot, MySQL, Apache, OpenLDAP, BIND, Kamailio
- cfengine, git, Nagios, Cacti, munin, Bacula, DokuWiki
- this list will change/grow with *your* ideas
- free coffee/tea/water (and sometimes beer) :-)

More details: http://www.unternehmen.telecolumbus.de/index.php?id=162

I'm looking forward to seeing your application!


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