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Enlightenment EFL graphical application developer

Title : Enlightenment EFL graphical application developer
Location : 33 avenue Léon Gambetta, 92120 Montrouge (Ile de France)

Substantiel is a small, young and fast growing company. Since 2005, we target all computer beginners willing to use a computer in a simple way.

Therefore, we created ORDISSIMO (www.ordissimo.com), a very simple-to-use Linux distribution, developed from Debian, using Enlightenment as main framework (Enlightenment Foundation Libraries EFL www.enlightenment.org), and also other free software, as thunderbird, xulrunner, openoffice, xine...

If you like Linux, and if you have experience in developing graphical applications or knowledge and experience on one or more graphical toolkit, join our team as graphical application developer !

You will have to create applications like a mail client reader, especially designed for touchscreen and tablet use; a music player with automatic media collection scanning from the disk ; an agenda or an addressbook sharing data with the mail client.

You will use the enlightenment framework (EFL), especially Elementary, that you will learn with team of developers, and especially with our experts developers and contributors of this framework.

A good knowledge of GTK or QT is required and a good acquaintance of the linux community would be appreciated. On the top of that, a knowledge and experience with EFL would be great. We expect candidates with serious overall experiences in C development in general.

Please send your CV in PDF at emploi@substantiel.fr

Substantiel - Ordissimo
Directeur technique
email : emploi@substantiel.fr
33, avenue Léon Gambetta, 92120 Montrouge

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