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DBA/sysadmin - 3/5 years exp. - Italy/Milan

LOCATION: Milan (Italy) at Milanofiori (rozzano)
ACCESS: Metro green line (Assago)


        Linux Admin, Application Support and DBA


The holder will work as a member of a team based in Italy responsible
for implementing a new Customer Loyalty program.  The major components
of the technology stack include Linux, Oracle, JBOSS and Apache. The
Production hosting, the Test and DR environments are outsourced under
a Co-location contract.

The holder will need to be capable of:

 - Providing 1st line DBA support for Oracle databases,
 - Providing 1st line DBA support for the WX2 Data Warehouse (Training
   will be provided.)
 - Providing 1st line system admintration support for Linux ,JBOSS,
   Apache environment.  Undertaking day to day management of the 3rd
   party vendors (English language)

        Infrastructure and Support Manager


The successful candidate will have at least 3 years experience of
supporting and maintaining mission critical 24x7 for:

- Oracle databases on Linux. 
- Systems administration on Linux

They will have hands-on experience as OLTP DBA and 1TB+ data
warehousing solutions.  They will be database agnostic having worked
in a variety of technologies (such as Oracle, MySql, SQL Server, WX2,
Teradata), understanding the benefits and challenges of each and be
able to demonstrate in-depth knowledge of Oracle features and their
appropriate usage. They must be willing to learn how to manage and
perform small changes on Kognitio WX2 solutions.

They should show a strong desire to understand how the solutions they
support, support the business end-end and be able to understand and
proactively escalate to the Infrastructure and Support manager issues
and changes that go beyond their brief.

Key activities will include

    - Liaison with 3rd party suppliers 
    - Root cause analysis
    - Managing incident to ensure all avenues are explored
    - Ensuring necessary communication is sent to relevant parties 
    - Weighing up possible solutions and associated risk
    - Ensuring completion of follow up actions
    - Provision of on-call support
    - Management of major deployments 
    - Maintaining clear documentation on design and implementations
    - Reporting against plans and SLAs
    - Providing on call support as part of a rota

  Database administration 
    - Ownership of core DB-centric business processes
    - Working with developers to provide database designs from
      functional requirements
    - Planning, implementing, testing and deploying database changes
    - Planning, implementing, testing and deploying small Data
      Warehouse changes
    - Responsible for rectifying data integrity issues across all
      supported solutions including Data Warehouse
    - Monitoring and managing database resources
    - Defining and maintaining DB security policy in line with the
      corporate security policy
    - Managing database incidents and problems

  System administration 
    - Defining, maintaining and testing archiving, backup and restore
    - Defining and implementing disaster recovery procedures in line
      with the corporate Business Continuity Plan
    - Familiarity with ETL tools will be beneficial
    - Understanding of Linux operating system

    - Tracking and resolution of single points of failure within the
    - Reviewing changes and project requirements and undertaking
      impact assessments
    - Assisting project streams on infrastructure changes



   - At least 3 years hands-on experience of managing complex multi
     tier environments
   - In-depth understanding of Oracle (11g)
   - Provision of DR databases using replication tools or
   - Developing high-volume data manipulation routines using ANSI/SQL,
     PL/SQL, SQL*Loader and Unix shell scripting
   - Understanding of Linux operating system
   - Good interpersonal skills
   - Team player; supportive and collaborative
   - Ability to take ownership
   - Good organizational skills
   - Flexible working hours
   - High attention to detail and determination to work to completion
   - Fluent English and Italian (written and spoken)
   - Ability to sanity check and challenge approaches from a sound
     technical base
   - Ability to work in a fast moving environment and manage time and


   - Understanding of dataware-house environment
   - Understanding of Operating systems including Windows, Unix, Linux
   - Understanding of networking technologies including routing,
     firewalls, VPN, WAN
   - Understanding of storage systems such as SAN
   - Understanding of Apache web server administration
   - Understanding of JBOSS application server administration
   - Experience of web services
   - Broad knowledge of database technologies and in depth experience
     of at least two
   - Experience of working within large scale projects (e.g. using
   - Experience of Blade technology
   - From an Internet/consulting background
   - Experience of ITIL methodology


Interested applicants should send their resume and a brief cover
letter to jobs at nectaritalia.it

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