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Sr. Systems Administrator - Cambridge MA USA

Smartleaf, a financial sector SAAS company, is looking for a senior
systems administrator to join our operations team.

Smartleaf is small, profitable, and privately held. You were going to
look at our web page anyway, so go look now: http://www.smartleaf.com

The Work

Some of us engage customers directly and some of us don't, but we all
have to work well together. This is a hands-on operations team with
24/7 responsibility. Billions of dollars of other people's money flow
through our systems, and we would rather not embarrass ourselves. Our
processes are, or should be, scalable, repeatable, and recoverable. We
identify problems and help solve them, no matter where they are in
the systems. When we need a better tool, we find it or build it. Our
cardinal virtues are laziness, impatience and hubris.  There is an
overnight on-call rotation. About 3% of your on-call nights will involve
actually being woken up -- we'd like to make that zero, and you'll have
power to help make those changes. We are small enough that you can wake
up responsible developers, if you need to. Office hours are flexible.
This is not an all-telecommute position. Our offices are at the Kendall
T stop in Cambridge, Massachusetts, next to MIT.

Our technology stack includes Debian Linux, a systems automation suite
called Tuttle, Oracle, Ruby, Rails, C++, Perl, cvs, git, svn. Routers
and firewalls are Cisco, Juniper and Linux.


You are enthusiastic, smart, and a great engineer.

You have:

Common sense.

Experience running complex systems.

Several years of system administration of Linux and other Unixoids.

A good grasp of systems automation with any of the usual suspects

Some Oracle DBA skills

General network administration

Perfect comfort with shell scripting and one or more of Perl, Python, Ruby, etc.

The ability to write high quality documentation (and appreciate
it at 3 AM)


Interested applicants should send their resume and a brief cover letter
to jobs at smartleaf.com -- extra points if your cover letter includes a
rationale for one of your particular technical-religious positions.

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