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Berlin: Java programmer, GUI application, short term (renewable energy)

We, a small company in Berlin, Germany, in the field of renewable
energy, are looking for a person with experience good Java skills.
The contract will probably be for three to six months.


- further development and completion of an existing GUI
  program, currently 22 kLOC of Java code

- work can be done under your OS of choice (we use Debian,
  of course), target market is 98.76% MS-Windows


- Good programming skills in Java, optionally Python

- knowledge of JGoodies, JodaTime, log4j, rxtx, IzPack,
  Eclipse, ant, JFormDesigner, the latter proprietary :~(

- English/German, meetings in Berlin once in a while

Please just send your application! And feel free to ask me
privately, if you like to know further details.

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