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Berlin: Engineer for Hardware and Embedded Software (renewable energy)

We, a small company in Berlin, Germany, in the field of renewable
energy, are looking for a person with experience in hardware development
and good skills in embedded system development. Work can be done on base
of free-lancing for six to twelve months or with a permanent contract.


- co-development and design review of a analog/digital measurement board

- co-development and/or selection of free and non-free software for the
  AVR processor

- co-development and selection of free and non-free software for the ARM


- good knowledge of ADCs, counters, OPAs and how they behave in
  difficult environment

- C, AVR assembler, optionally Python and ARM assembler

- have you ever heard about Emdebian "Crush"?

- German or English required, optionally French or Spanish

Please just send your resume! And feel free to ask me privately, if you
like to know further details.

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