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Job(s) available in Baden-Würtemberg/Germany

Hello *,

after the French government has kicked me off France (my  enterprise  is
not in the interest of the french economic)  I  going  back  to  Germany
creating a new enterprise.


I am Prof.Dr.Ing. Michelle Konzack and owner of "Tamay Dogan Network" an
international non-profit Enterprise for Infrastructure Development. I am
located in  Strasbourg/France (will be droped soon)  where  I  am  since
2000 "Debian  GNU/Linux   Consultant",   Kehl/Germany,   Denizly/Turkey,
Marakech/Maroc  and  Khoy/Iran.   

The enterprise structure is:

           |   T A M A Y   D O G A N   N E T W O R K   |
             /      |           |           |        \
            /       |           |           |         \
           /        |           |           |          \
Electronica    IT Systems    Energia    TD Wave GmbH    Mobile Eco City


    *   Electronica            <http://electronica.tamay-dogan.net/>
        Development  of  Low-Energie  Electronics  and  related   to
        renewable energies

    *   IT Systems               <http://itsystems.tamay-dogan.net/>
        Open Source Development (generaly ARM) and other IT Services
        like like hosting, programming, ...

    *   Energia GmbH i.G.          <http://energia.tamay-dogan.net/>
        Solar- and Wind-Energie, BioFuel

    *   TD Wave GmbH i.G.                   <http://www.tdwave.net/>
        offering wireless Internet access to several 1000  residents
        between Kehl, Rheinau, Achern, Renchen, Oberkirch, Offenburg
        and some others covering over 2000 km² and we are backed  by
        subventions of the <http://www.kfw.de/>

    *   Mobile Eco City            <http://ecocity.tamay-dogan.net/>
        based on "Electronica", "IT Systems" and "Energia" to  build
        an mobile infrastructure for  third  world  development  and
        desaster recovery.

For now my german partner Rolf Komann, which is  currently  working  for
KabelBW, and me are in creation of "TD Wave GmbH" which is  very  urgent
for the region since we have NO Broadband or Cable there.

We need someone helping us to  implement  the  WHOLE  network,  specialy
implementing the  Authentication  and  Accounting  (Traffic/Time)  using

Currently we (ITSystems/TDWave) need someone who has following skills:

Operating System:
    * Debian GNU/Linux
    * maybe Sun Solaris  (required  for  the   Alvarion   Administration
      Software; I am not ongoing to use the Windows Version)

    * System-Administration
    * Network-Administration (including Level 3 which I lake)
    * Wireless Infrastructures
      Alvarion BreezeACCESS VL (5.8 GHz)
    * VoIP

    * PostgreSQL
    * Apache2
    * Courier
    * PHP5
    * PPPoe Server
    * Webmail
    * Asterisk

    * Shell
    * Perl
    * PHP5
    * SQL
    * maybe C/C++
    * FlexRay/CAN (for further long term employment ->Electronica)

    * English
    * German (not required if you do only short term Tele-Work)

    and for further work
    * Turkish   (Turkey)
    * Arabic    (Morocco)
    * Farsi     (Iran)

    * able to solv problems alone
    * working in small groups
    * be nice to customers even if they...
      <you know what happen sometimes>

NOTE:   You can even submit your application if you are selfemployed  or
        do not have university/FH diplomas.  The  only  thing  which  is
        counting are your skills

Because "Tamay Dogan Network" is covered by the UNDP and the UNESCO  and
a "Women Development Project" female applicants  from  Germany,  Turkey,
Morocco and Iran are prefered.

Please send your full application to

    Jobs <jobs@tamay-dogan.net>
    Tamay Dogan Network
    Michelle konzack
    Apt. 917
    50, rue de Soultz
    67100 Strasbourg

    Mobil FR: +33  6
    Mobil DE: +49 177

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<http://www.can4linux.org/>                   Apt. 917
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Jabber linux4michelle@jabber.ccc.de           67100 Strasbourg/France
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