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Debian Job ad for SpiderOak, Inc.

SpiderOak provides a "zero knowledge" cryptographically secure online backup, access, sharing, and multi device synchronization service for Linux, Mac, Windows, with mobile devices coming soon: https://spideroak.com/

We use Python everywhere we can, with occasional help from Perl and C. Our team is entirely telecommute, distributed across North America and Europe. Work schedules are all self-determined.

We're looking for expert Python developers.

Basic requirements:
- 10 years software development experience
- 5 years open source or commercial development
- Comfortable with all major OSs
- Knowledge of Python best practices and Agile development approaches

We also prefer people who have made contributions to the open source community. Contributions can be bug reports, documentation, modules, patches, released projects, or even just an insightful programming blog. We just want to know you can engage.

To inquire, please use the current date, and send mail to jobs+DDMMYYYY@spideroak.com .

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