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Linux UI software specialist at Nokia

Pease reply to: Carlos Guerreiro <carlos.guerreiro@nokia.com>

Company: Nokia
Job Title: Linux UI software specialist
Description: This is your chance to join the team that develops Nokia's
Internet Tablets and the Maemo development platform. Come and work with
us building exciting new consumer products with open source software.
Your focus will be on user interface enablers, building blocks and
frameworks. You will leverage your expertise in this domain as an
expert, coach and key contributor to user interface software in our
Internet Tablets, particularly the Hildon Application Framework, which
is based on the GNOME Mobile platform.
Throughout the product life cycle, you will participate in a broad range
of activities ranging from requirements gathering and analysis;
feasibility studies, software evaluation, architecture and SW design,
down to the last stages of implementation and integration, and then
You will work in a multi-cultural team of software experts internally,
and collaborate with interaction and graphics design, product management
as well as architecture and project management. You will also work
closely with open source projects and communities.


If you want to take advantage of this unique opportunity, a solid track
record in software development throughout the complete life cycle is a
must, preferably in the context of consumer electronics products. A very
solid grasp of UI technology fundamentals, tools and development trends
is also expected, as is a profound understanding of Linux UI
architecture and open source development tools, practices and licenses.
Experience with software development on handheld devices will be highly
valued, as will previous experience developing UI building blocks and
frameworks. Good appreciation for the value of the user experience and a
working understanding of usability are required and deeper competences
and experience will be a strong plus.
Good verbal and written communication skills in English are vital along
with a positive attitude, an interest for the big picture and the
ability to teamwork across organizational and functional boundaries.

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