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Debian/Ubuntu systems integration

Athena Capital Research is seeking a Debian developer for part time
integration work. We are a highly technical financial firm with over 80
servers running Debian or Ubuntu, custom software built on dozens of
free software packages, and a staff consisting mostly of developers.

We are, however, lacking a Debian developer, despite publicly
maintaining a few packages
(http://qa.debian.org/developer.php?login=acr-debian@athenacr.com) and
internally maintaining several more that are not in a clean enough state
for upload to the official repository.

Athena is looking for a consultant or part time Debian developer to help
in integrating our systems. We need somebody to:

1. maintain our current Debian packages (mysql++, sparsehash, etc)
2. package and maintain new software for us (openfire, SUN Grid Engine,
Maui, etc)
3. ensure these packages build on our distributions (Sarge and Dapper
4. backport trickier packages (mercurial, for instance)
5. backport kernels
6. be available via IM or email for quick questions

Athena developers will take care of package testing with our software.
In addition to the Debian developer's regular maintenance duties, Athena
will also assemble a team which will be responsible for answering
emails, investigating bugs, and forwarding issues upstream,

After an initial run of packaging, we don't imagine time commitments
will be particularly heavy. Though the IM/email portion of the job will
require no more than an hour per week, it will require a prompt response.

If interested, please privately reply to me with a brief email
describing your Debian related experience.


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