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Re: Mindustry packaging

Hi Stephen,

I'm the one who did the initial triage to discover the surprising kotlin
requirement, but I'll gladly collaborate once that's available. I'm
thoroughly enjoying the new v6 campaign in co-op with some friends, so
keen to be able to play it via debian rather than a .jar download with
e.g. embedded Discord server listings.

On Wed, Dec 09, 2020 at 02:41:57PM -0500, Stephen Paul Weber wrote:
> > Dependencies can not be downloaded during the build.
> Yes, of course, that is the problem described in my OP :)

As you said, many Java projects have switched to gradle so thankfully
the hard work to integrate it with Debian has already been done. The
upstream bundled ./gradlew will be completely ignored and that bit is as
simple as adding gradle-debian-helper to Build-Depends and
--buildsystem=gradle to debian/rules.


> > And the bug lists the first blocker which then lists the other blocker
> > and the last blocker is kotlin (or shall I say the first blocker).
> I'm having trouble following the breadcrumbs to see where kotlin becomes the
> blocker.  I assume because one of the dependencies is written it kotlin?

In the summary at the top, you can follow the link in "Fix blocked by"
(and then "Fix blocked by" again, etc.). As for why each dependency is a
blocker, I hope my initial message in each RFP makes that clear. The
current state of kotlin packaging is really promising, with (hopefully)
just normal java packaging issues left.

Help needed! "Make sure you have kotlin-reflect.jar in the classpath"

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