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Call for testing: Zero VM builds for JDK 16

Hi, fellow debian-java maintainers,

I have been doing some housekeeping work for Zero VM in JDK 16, mostly to work out easy performance bugs that make builds/tests unnecessarily slow. As the highlight, x86_64 Zero bootcycle is now about 1.5x..2x faster. There are also a couple of bugfixes that let Zero pass a few more tier1 tests.

Knowing that Debian is the major user of Zero VM configs on some architectures, could you please run the current tip of jdk16 [1] and see if Debian testing is still fine? If it is not, we still have a plenty of time to work out the regressions.

My tentative plan is to get these improvements backported to LTSes (11u and 8u), but not before we are sure JDK 16 is fine.


[1] https://github.com/openjdk/jdk, soon to be forked to jdk16

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