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Removing netbeans

Am 27.09.20 um 12:55 schrieb Emmanuel Bourg:
> I fully share Markus' analysis. Packaging these huge projects isn't
> viable without more regular, dedicated, contributors. For client side
> applications such as Netbeans or Eclipse I tend to think the community
> would be better served with flatpak packages (it would be nice to have a
> pure Java toolchain generating these packages), and for complex server
> side applications a .deb package simply generated by jdeb would be fine.

I wanted to move the idea forward and just pushed a new update of
netbeans to Git. Currently there is only one reverse-dependency in
Debian, openstereogram, that requires libnb-absolutelayout-java. I have
simplified netbeans and now it only builds this extra library which
consists of two classes. That will ensure opensterogram can migrate to
testing again. If nobody objects, I can upload the changes.

I intend to update libnb-platform18-java soon, it is basically the same
source package as src:netbeans but it only builds the platform code. For
instance the platform packages are needed for visualvm. I believe
maintaining this package is viable.

Perhaps we should create a new Java wiki page and briefly document how
to install Netbeans and Eclipse with flatpack. I think it's quite
simple, so we don't have to write too much documentation.



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