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Re: Solr version


Am 26.09.20 um 14:51 schrieb Waldemar Zahn:
> Hi,
> i am currently working on a project running on a Debian 10 server. The project needs a Solr server. I have installed the solr-tomcat and found that the version of Solr is very outdated. The version is 3.6.2, the current Solr version on the project page is version 8.6.2.
> Is the version information in the Debian package incorrect or is the old version actually used? 
> Many thanks & best regards
> Waldemar Zahn

I have been mostly maintaining solr for the past years in Debian. The
current version is indeed 3.6.2 with a number of patches to address
security vulnerabilities. It was still useful for a couple of people but
we don't intend to ship this version again in Debian 11. I had a look at
the source code of the most recent versions a few months ago and started
to make a plan what I need to do in order to upgrade solr but I haven't
started the actual packaging work yet. As you can imagine a lot of
things have changed between version 3.6.2 and 8.6.2.

In short: 3.6.2 will not be released again, 8.x could make it into
Debian 11 but there is a big question mark at the moment, more help is



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