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Re: Update for kotlin package

Hi Samyak,

Le 26/05/2020 à 18:12, Samyak Jain a écrit :

> Therefore, it will be efficient to discuss the procedure for kotlin
> upload/build and it's bootstrapping, before moving further.

Thank you very much for working on Kotlin, that's definitely not a small

The key issue before uploading is to check if it's possible to build
Kotlin without the bootstrap package, i.e. the kotlin package can
rebuild itself. The process is to first build the kotlin package with
the bootstrap binaries, then install the package built, remove the
bootstrap package, adjust the build dependencies and rebuild kotlin.
This rebuilt package is the one you want to upload.

If I remember well, the last time I tried with the package prepared by
Saif Abdul Cassim, it failed badly with several errors unfortunately.

As I understand you've managed to reduce the amount of dependencies
required in the bootstrap package, that's great. What is left there that
is still required beside Kotlin itself? I vaguely remember that kotlinx
had to be built, did you package this as well?

Emmanuel Bourg

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