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Powermock RC #875358


powermock has been failing to build from source since we introduced
OpenJDK 9 to Debian. It has not been removed yet because several
packages build-depend on it.

reverse-depends -b libpowermock-java

* jline2

* commons-email
* dnssecjava
* libcommons-compress-java
* shiro

The best solution would be to upgrade powermock to a version that builds
fine with OpenJDK 11. If I recall correctly this would also require an
update of libmockito-java. Since we are running out of time now, and
there is a risk of breaking other reverse-dependencies, removing
libpowermock-java from the aforementioned r-deps is probably a more
sensible solution.

I have checked all those reverse-dependencies and only
libcommons-compress-java requires an additional patch to disable some
tests (worst case: disabling all of them). All other packages build fine
when I remove libpowermock-java from Build-Depends and add it to

I intend to implement those changes on 01.03.2019 unless someone else
objects and steps forward with a better solution.



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