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Re: Javadoc -link makes broken links if module name matches package name

Hi Ingo,

Am 17.02.19 um 16:45 schrieb Ingo Bauersachs:
> Tony, Markus
>> [...]
>> Any thoughts on whether we should focus on fixing javadoc generation or
>> look at other ways to mitigate the FTBFS?
> I've been notified that weupnp [1] has been marked for autoremoval [2]
> because of this Javadoc thing, while other packages are not, e.g.
> servlet-api [3].
> Following the discussions and the merges/splits/reassignments of the
> original bug, I'm not quite sure what action to take, if any. I'd like to
> avoid that weupnp is being removed. Is disabling the Javadoc
> generation/installation and looking for a sponsor the best way to go?

...Just reading tony's email.

Yes, I'm absolutely fine with that. I don't think you have to request
any binNMUs because those existing -doc packages should just work at the
moment. I don't know if there is any downside to our approach but my
general feeling is it can't be that severe. We should reassign all RC
bugs of affected packages to maven-javadoc-plugin, then the automatic
removal messages will stop as well.



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