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Re: advice on android-framework-23

Thorsten Glaser:
> On Sun, 27 Jan 2019, Hans-Christoph Steiner wrote:
>> android-framework-23 doesn't work with Java 9+, but will build with Java
>> 8.  But that would make it the only package in buster that needs java8.
>> So no go.  Building with default-jdk runs into this new Java "module"
> Building with -source 8 -target 8 --release 8 should be possible.
> We build production JRE8 code with JDK11 at work this way.

I have been building with these options in gradle:

  sourceCompatibility = 1.8
  targetCompatibility = 1.8

And that doesn't solve the problem of the new "patch module" stuff added
in Java9.  That means you have to do some extra tricks to build parts of
Java itself.  The android.jar is the SDK jar, so it includes lots of
java.* classes.  This is the stuff that is stumping us.

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