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advice on android-framework-23

Hey Java Team!

We're trying to get some version of the android-framework-2x into
buster, and it is a struggle.  Since y'all have helped with this package
before, and know lots about packaging Java, I'm asking for some advice.
seamlik, cdesai, and I are stumped.  I did apply some upstream patches
to fix some Java9 code issues, but that's not enough.

android-framework-23 doesn't work with Java 9+, but will build with Java
8.  But that would make it the only package in buster that needs java8.
So no go.  Building with default-jdk runs into this new Java "module"
feature, which I have no idea about.  It seems that there needs to be
some custom config for javac now in order to compile Java base classes.
Some example errors:

error: package exists in another module: java.base
package javax.crypto;
error: package exists in another module: java.xml

Here are some full build logs:


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