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Re: Netbeans 10 status

Am 22.01.19 um 17:08 schrieb Emmanuel Bourg:
> I have no objection to reuse the old classes from libequinox-osgi-java,
> we are too short on time to work out a proper patch and netbeans is the
> last package still using it anyway. Just ensure it doesn't conflict with
> the other Eclipse packages.

I have just renamed the only jar file of the package to
org.eclipse.osgi.nb.jar (versioned as org.eclipse.osgi.nb-3.9.1.jar) to
make sure it does not conflict with libeclipse-osgi-java. Since we don't
need to support Maven (Netbeans is an Ant project), I think this is
straightforward and easy to maintain.

I will upload libnb-platform18-java and visualvm tomorrow.


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