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Netbeans 10 status

Hi all,

on the 27th of December 2018 Netbeans 10 was finally released. Most
importantly it supports Java 11 now. I have managed to update the beast
and both libnb-platform18-java and netbeans itself can be built from
source again. I need a bit more time to test Netbeans at runtime and I
would appreciate it if everyone who is interested in the IDE could do
some basic testing in the short time before the freeze. An upload will
follow shortly.

I intend to update visualvm now but before I can do it there is one
issue that remains. The current version of libequinox-osgi-java does not
ship all the classes I need for Netbeans. The last working version was
my initial upload 3.9.1-1 to Debian. Can I just revert the changes in
revision -2? Since Eclipse won't be part of Buster and libxbean-java
does not depend on it anymore, I think we don't need the transitional
package and could just solely use it for Netbeans/libnb-platform18-java.
Maybe I missed something?



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