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Re: OpenJDK 11 -- testing needed

Le 20/07/2018 à 22:14, Markus Koschany a écrit :

> I think the sooner we make OpenJDK 11 the default the better. This makes
> it more likely that we detect runtime issues before the freeze. I
> suppose there will be some FTBFS fallout again but I expect it to be in
> the same range when we switched from 9 to 10.

Java 11 no longer contains JAX-WS (the javax.xml.ws and javax.jws
packages) and we don't have a replacement yet. This will affect at least
Spring, Tomcat and Netbeans. I started packaging the standalone JAX-WS
implementation [1], one new dependency is already in sid (saaj), another
one is in the NEW queue (jaxws-api), and 6 more have to be uploaded
(javax.jws, gmbal, gmbal-pfl, gmbal-commons, metro-policy and mimepull).
These packages are ready but need some polishing (proper package
description and copyright review).

For a smooth transition I think we should switch the default JRE to
OpenJDK 11 once jaxws lands in sid.

Emmanuel Bourg

[1] https://github.com/javaee/metro-jax-ws

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