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Re: OpenJDK 11 -- testing needed


Am 20.07.2018 um 21:43 schrieb Matthias Klose:
> Hi,
> OpenJDK now is feature complete, and the package in unstable should migrate to
> testing soonish.  I didn't do any test rebuilds with 11 yet, but I think now
> it's time to start doing these.  Chris West did these for 10, but doesn't seem
> to be active at the moment.  Is there anybody volunteering to do test rebuilds
> with 11, or should we just change the default and then start fixing issues?

I think the sooner we make OpenJDK 11 the default the better. This makes
it more likely that we detect runtime issues before the freeze. I
suppose there will be some FTBFS fallout again but I expect it to be in
the same range when we switched from 9 to 10.

I'm also in favor of keeping OpenJDK 8 in Buster around as a fallback
solution and a means to build multiple packages from source which will
not be ready in time. One example is Netbeans 9 that requires OpenJDK 8
at build time but supports Java 9 and above at runtime. There are other
packages where upstream continues to use Java 8 and I'm a bit tired to
work around it. So in my opinion it makes sense to keep OpenJDK 8 in
Buster for development and building packages as long as we make it clear
that it is not supported at runtime and security-wise. You could just
package the latest version right before we go into deep freeze and
that's it.


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