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Re: javacc-maven-plugin, javacc, and the jtb update

Hi tony,

Am 28.01.2018 um 17:57 schrieb tony mancill:
> Hi Debian Java,
> I'm working on a package that depends on javacc via the
> javacc-maven-plugin.  The toolchain is broken at runtime and there is
> also a FTBFS bug for javacc-maven-plugin [0], both of which appear
> related to the the upload of jtb 1.4.12 [1].
> First, I'd like to politely ask why the new version of jtb without an
> update to javacc-maven-plugin, when that's its only r-dep in the
> archive. Is jtb used in some other context that required the new
> version? Or maybe the jtb update is the first step in updating the
> toolchain?
> But primarily I'd like to know what efforts are in progress and how I
> might help.  Do we need both new javacc and javacc-maven-plugin
> versions?  Or can the existing versions be patched to work with the
> newer jtb?  In addition to the jbibtex package I'm working on, the FTBFS
> for javacc-maven-plugin is going to transitively affect a number of
> other packages.

I suggest to reassign the FTBFS bugs that were caused by the update to
jtb and then mark our packages as affected. For once we can't blame
anyone from the team. :) I have no idea what exactly caused this
regression and hope Ludovico, the maintainer of jtb, can chime in here.



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