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Re: How should the systemd setup in a postinst script look?

>>>>> Steinar Bang <sb@dod.no>:

>  4. Changed the "%:" rule of debian/rules to be
>          dh $@ --with systemd

I figured out the problem, I had this
	dh $@ --with-systemd

instead of this:
	dh $@ --with systemd

Now I again get a .deb package with a daemon that starts after
installation and stops on uninstallation.

However, lintian aren't happy with the results:
 sb@lorenzo:~/git/karaf-debian$ lintian ~/git/karaf_4.1.4-8~9.30_all.deb 
 W: karaf: init.d-script-not-marked-as-conffile etc/init.d/karaf
 E: karaf: init.d-script-not-included-in-package etc/init.d/karaf
 W: karaf: codeless-jar usr/share/karaf/system/org/apache/aries/blueprint/org.apache.aries.blueprint.core.compatibility/1.0.0/org.apache.aries.blueprint.core.compatibility-1.0.0.jar
 W: karaf: codeless-jar usr/share/karaf/system/org/apache/karaf/demos/4.1.4/demos-4.1.4.jar

There isn't any debian/karaf/etc/init.d/ directory which means that no
init.d script was created automatically, and it looks like the packaging
tools expected an init.d script to be supplied...?

Do I need both a SYSV init.d script and as well as the karaf.system file?

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