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Re: maven-debian-helper & module inter-dependencies

Hi Sebastiaan,

Le 15/12/2017 à 10:53, Sebastiaan Couwenberg a écrit :
> How should maven-debian-helper be used in a package that builds modules
> which depend on other jars in the project?
> The case in question is JTS 1.15 [0] which builds, among others,
> jts-core.jar which is required by the jts-io module. While building the
> latter the jts-core that was built earlier in the process cannot be
> found (see attached build log).
> Should it be sufficient to have the correct maven.rules to have other
> artefacts of the project be usable in the build? Or is a local
> repository perhaps required to make these available later in the build?

Usually it just works, but there are some corner cases. We have several
multi modules projects already packaged that you can use as examples
(maven, javamail, activemq, jetty9, antlr4, wagon...). Sometimes when
the packaging type is 'bundle' instead of 'jar' it's necessary to either
patch the pom dependencies and specify explicitly the 'bundle' type, or
patch the poms and change the type to 'jar'. Also some builds expect the
artifacts of the other modules to be installed in the local repository
(because they do obscure manipulations like injecting source files from
another module into the current one), so in this case you have to
override dh_auto_build and call the Maven 'install' phase (instead of
'package' by default).

Emmanuel Bourg

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