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Re: ca-certificates-java_20170930_source.changes ACCEPTED into unstable

On 30.09.2017 16:18, Emmanuel Bourg wrote:
> Hi Matthias,
> Le 30/09/2017 à 02:35, Debian FTP Masters a écrit :
>>      - Stop fiddling around with jvm-*.cfg files. ca-certificates-java
>>        has no business with providing an initial cacerts file. This is
>>        implemented in the openjdk packages. We are not 2008 anymore.
> Are you suggesting that we should drop ca-certificates-java and just
> rely on the root certificates from OpenJDK instead? I would welcome this
> simplification, the certificates in OpenJDK are frequently updated
> anyway, and that would improve the consistency with the Oracle JDK.

No. Why should we?

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