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Re: libbatik-java: Changed artifacts?

On Sat, Sep 9, 2017 at 9:22 PM, Christopher Hoskin <mans0954@debian.org> wrote:
>> One suggestion: If you update a library, it would be good to test
>> whether any r-dep fails to build. There are not many for the case of
>> batik.
> Is there an automated way to rebuild all of the reverse dependencies
> of a package and see a summary of the outcome? libbatik-java has 25
> immediate reverse dependencies which would take a while. It would be
> good to leave it running in the background whilst I do something else.
> (Yes I could write a script, but as developers must be updating
> libraries all the time, I suspect a well-polished one should already
> exist.)

In fact there isn't. I wrote some Ansible automation for that:


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