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openjdk-9-jdk rebuild: Second pass


 * Better tools[2], better scripts[3], better machine -> more packages.
 * Emmanuel fixed maven/guice (#866411), and hacked ant (1.9.9-4) to fixup
     the -source and -target versions. (Thanks!)
 * I totally hacked up[1] maven-compiler-plugin to do the same.

Of 1261 packages compiled, 57% failed.

Of those failures:

 23% think javadoc(1) doesn't exist: http://bugs.debian.org/bug=866929
   I definitely think this should be fixed in the toolchain; as the
   above bug.

 18% still are trying to use old -source/-target: https://paste.debian.net/974407/
   Perhaps some cases ant doesn't catch it, as it doesn't look
   like a Debian build environment? e.g. svnkit:

   If we can't fix enough of these in ant/maven, we might have to fix them
   in javac...

 11% (plus probably a lot of the above 23%) are failing doclint after
   otherwise compiling successfully. doclint should be disabled,
   but isn't: http://bugs.debian.org/866908

   Hopefully everyone agrees we should fix this in the toolchain, as the
   above bug.

 7% are broken because invalid ASCII in the code is now an error;
   it appears that it was only a warning on Java 8.

   e.g. https://reproducible.debian.net/naga has:
   [...] warning: unmappable character for encoding ASCII
   ... which is now:
   [...] error: unmappable character (0xC3) for encoding US-ASCII

   Logs: https://rbuild.fau.xxx/2017-07-02/ascii/

   Maybe many of these may be fixed by defaulting the encoding,
   where not specified, to UTF-8? Not toooo many to fix otherwise...

And, on a more positive note:

 16% are broken due to probably intentional changes in Java 9, e.g.
    * introduction of java.lang.Module
    * modules changing accessiblity of things (~90 packages)
    * _ becoming a keyword (~15 packages)
    * apparent generics changes causing new casting problems(?)

    These are in the `modules`, `keyword` and `cast` directories of the
    build logs: https://rbuild.fau.xxx/2017-07-02/

  6% are broken due to tests or dependencies missing. I don't know
    why these are failing on my build env, but not on jenkins, and I
    suggest you ignore them. They are in `deps` and `tests` in

This leaves just 19% of these packages (135) with random failures for
which I haven't bothered to find a classification:


 1: https://github.com/FauxFaux/debjdk9/blob/master/compiler-plugin.patch
 2: https://paste.debian.net/974394/
 3: https://github.com/FauxFaux/debjdk9

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