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Re: [stretch] jnr-posix/3.0.12-3 and #860691


Am 29.04.2017 um 23:22 schrieb Niels Thykier:
> Hi,
> I have opted to stretch-ignore #860691 instead of unblocking the
> jnr-posix/3.0.12-3 upload for now.
> If the tests are simply wrong on i386, then that is fine and the fix can
> wait until buster (or you are welcome to patch them in a -4 upload for
> stretch if there is time for that).
>   Should it turn out that the package is actually broken on i386, please
> remove the -ignore tag and let me know.  Though in that case, disabling
> the tests would not be a solution. :)

That's fine with me and I think the others will agree as well. I don't
think the package is broken on i386 thus a removal from Stretch seemed
disproportionate to me. The last time I touched jnr-posix was in
December 2015 and since then we haven't received any complaints about
its usability. Please note that the tests are not disabled but the
results are simply ignored. I would compare this more to removing the
-Werror flag when building C applications which isn't very useful in
production environments either.


> """
>     AGREED: arch:all FTBFS on i386 (where it builds fine on amd64) is
> candidate for a stretch-ignore (nthykier, 19:21:24)
> """

Thanks. That's good to know.



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