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Re: Comments regarding scala-pickling_0.10.1-1_amd64.changes

Hi Frederic,

On Wed, Apr 12, 2017 at 10:14:20AM +0200, Frederic Bonnard wrote:
> > I took the freedom to copy your mail to Debian Java list where this
> > discussion seems to belong to.  If you agree please stick to list
> > discussion.
> yes, no problem.

> > So we are only 10 packages away. ;-)
> > 
> > New queue is quite empty currently - lets fill it! ;-)
> > 
> > Would you mind moving all these to pkg-java Git and ping me step by
> > step.  I'm fine by uploading also those packages where a predependency
> > remains in new.  I'd use a local apt repository and thus we could speed
> > up the process a bit.
> do you think of a different way of pushing those packages in Git ?
> Because when we discussed previously, you mentionned that those packages are made
> of multiple source tarballs and that git-buildpackage does not deal with
> that properly :
> https://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=855941#34
> Also there is a load of binary jars which are used, for the time being,
> to bootstrap packages using sbt as build tool, and I was not sure if git
> was adapted to that (well it will handle this I guess, but within the
> Debian process, I don't know).
> What do you think ?

Well, may be we discussed this previously and I simply forgot.  Please
keep in mind that I'm doing lots of stuff and might forget something we
agreed upon before.  Feel free to remind me about this. ;-)

> (Still, VCS would really be nice for team
> comaintaining of course given the number of package that will be needed)
> Given that all jars currently embedded will disappear one day, we will
> end up using a VCS for sure. Doing without for now as for scala-pickling
> can help to speed up package submission to NEW queue.

OK, fine.

> But is that time gap, between now and the end of the bootstrap
> acceptable without VCS? I don't know since I have no idea of it. But I
> guess it will take months. I don't think the packaging will evolve too
> much though as the needed libraries for the different sbt modules are numerous
> but don't evolve much (for those I could check the upstream history).
> What do you think ? is there some intermediate solution ?

Well, just tell me the sequence and the *.dsc file I should have a
sponsoring look.  I do not mind about RFS bugs as I said before.
> > Cool.  So lets get sbt into Debian and than have a look at pilon.  BTW,
> > I think we can upload right to unstable instead of experimental or do
> > you have good reason to play inside experimental sandbox?
> well, I'm not sure, I just considered the following facts : 
> - this is work in progress and sbt will need many more modules to just build
> any random project out there ( but on the other hand this can never end )
> - the bootstrap process is not finished (and all this source
> packages looks ugly to me as there are with embedded jars :) ) ; but
> this take a bit of time
> - I'd like to play more with all this (I'm not a scala expert) and have
> some reviews from scala guys
> - debian freeze is ongoing

At least the last item is no reason.  Uploads to experimental are just
for those packages that are in testing right now and might need a bug
fix upload via unstable which should pass easily without any version

> My unstable-experimental slider bar is not well calibrated so far,
> I'm not used to estimate that kind of things actually :)
> On the other hand having sbt reach unstable and people hitting
> problems of some particular sbt modules not yet packaged or worse, may help
> dragging some workforce :) and help test all this (such as your pilon
> package). Also, those packages I did so far enable sbt to minimally run,
> so at least it's not broken, just missing modules.

Thanks again for the detailed explanation.
> > I'd also like to mention that in the long term you might consider
> > becoming a Debian Maintainer.  Seems you are doing pretty complex stuff
> > and thus have understood even advanced packaging.  Once we might be able
> > to run `sbt help` I'll probably ask you for this with a stronger
> > emphasis.
> ok

> > Thanks for your contribution
> welcome

So, well, just give me a sensible sequence for sponsoring and a pointer
to the according *.dsc files on mentors to enable me to dget it right
from your mail.

I'll try my best to help you through the bootstrap process.

Kind regards



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