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Re: Tomcat 8 transition complete

On Sat, 5 Nov 2016, Emmanuel Bourg wrote:

> I'm pleased to announce that the transition to Tomcat 8 is now complete.
> The tomcat7 source package still exists but builds only the Servlet API
> 3.0. This version of the Servlet API is no longer used in sid, but I

Unfortunately, the new version of guacamole I’ve been working
with Natureshadow on (with my Teckids hat worn) requires the
websocket API from libtomcat7-java.

I don’t know enough to comment on this (I just barely made the
package compile), so I’d welcome someone from the Java team
looking at both upstream code and packaging of…

Vcs-Git: https://anonscm.debian.org/git/debian-edu/pkg-team/guacamole-client.git

… and help us with that, so the new guacamole can hopefully land
in stretch.

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