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Re: Upgrading svgSalamander

On 16.07.2016 18:57, Felix Natter wrote:
> hi,
> I would like to update svgSalamander (lightweight SVG renderer for Java
> including Swing) [1] to the just released 1.0. I tried to contact
> the 0~svn95-1 uploader (see CC:) but he hasn't responded for weeks now.
> There seems to be no packaging VCS, so I would put the contents of the
> 0~svn95-1 debian tarball in a new pkg-java git repo.
> Do I need to contact the MIA team? How long shall I wait?
> There is only one r-dep (josm), and games-java-dev Recommends: it
> (which does not seem to be problematic, as it is meta package).
> [1] https://packages.debian.org/source/sid/svgsalamander
> Thanks and Best Regards,

The packaging VCS is here:


Just add yourself to Uploaders because it is maintained by the Java
team. I don't think Nicolas is MIA but he hasn't been working on this
package for a long time.



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