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Re: Packaging a maven project for Debian

Le 8/07/2016 à 17:54, Guillaume Lederrey a écrit :

> I'm probably missing something obvious. Could anyone point me in the
> right direction?

Hi Guillaume,

Once the debian/* files are generated by mh_make you can build the
package with 'debuild'. mvn-debian is never used, you can forget about
this command.

To build the package you'll also need the upstream tarball. This is a
compressed tar file containing the sources files of the upstream
project. For a GitHub project like stormpot you generate this tarball by
creating the debian/watch file containing:

    https://github.com/chrisvest/stormpot/tags \

and then invoking uscan:

    uscan --download-version 2.4.1 --rename --repack --compression xz

The tarball is created in the parent directory. At this point you can
run debuild to build the package (or even better, pdebuild to build the
package in a clean environment, but you can learn about this later).

Emmanuel Bourg

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